Brand Elements

Posted: December 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Gold BrandDeveloping a brand requires hard work and determination. As artists go on their journey through the music industry, they are consistently developing their brand.  The early stages of an entertainers career can be accomplished by their manager. As they progress, a team will need to be established. To create a team of power, the manager must undergo a lengthy process that consists of recruiting, transactions, services, etc.

Managers of rising artist are responsible for plan implementation, organization, strategy, travel, finance, record labels, and the list goes on. A management position can become extremely hectic for artists that have accomplished a high level of success. Eventually, the manager will have to join forces with other professionals of expertise in all areas of the industry. For example, a road manager may be needed to take care of logistics on tour, or an accountant to manage finances.

Chris Lighty and Blue Williams merged together and formed Primary/Violator, a full-service management, publishing and marketing firm. The two professionals have managed celebrities such as Mariah Carey, 50 Cent, OutKast, and Queen Latifah. Acknowledging that today’s market require more services, the two decided to make up the difference in services by consolidating their management companies. Blue Williams has helped develop some of the best artists in the game. He explains, that there is no room in these types of firms for artist that don’t want to work hard. Williams and Lighty both agree to accepting artists that want to create a brand and nothing less. A brand is successful when programs, foundations, and endorsements are placed.

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